Friday, October 03, 2008

IFComp '08 Reviews: LAIR of the CyberCow

No spoiler-space for this one: I simply cannot rate it. I attempted to play with Spatterlight and Zoom on Mac OSX, but there were simply too many bugs that were probably interpreter related. I cannot attempt with my linux box as it is broken, and I do not have a Windows box. If anyone can offer advice for running this before the competition is over, please let me know so that I may review it.


Anonymous said...

Dumb question - were you set up for the ADRIFT 3.9 format, rather than 4.0?

The formats are not backwards compatible.


ralphmerridew said...

It apparently uses the ADRIFT battle system, which Simon didn't bother to implement.

Aric said...

Sorry to take so long to respond.

Harry: I'm not sure scare is implemented like that, I'm not sure though, adrift is kinda alien to me.

ralphmerridew: Bother is kinda a strong word for writing a feature into an interpreter, dontchathink? :-) Anyway, I'm glad there is a 'terp at all.

Anyway, I expect I'll commandeer a work computer temporarily before the end of the competition so I can review this and the windows only games.